Goodbye to Summer Nights


Alas! The final fifteen days of summer are upon us, and New York has been silenced by the absence of inhabitants seeking refuge from the humidity (oh the humidity!) of the city. Many scurry abroad towards the relief of the sand and sea, but why travel so far when only three hours away you will find all that you are looking for in pretty, quaint Montauk.

With the advantage of the beach only one block away, The Montauk Beach House brings together the division of two halves – the beach bunnies and the poolside loungers. Add to this a bounty of events (with parties hosted by Mr. Paul Oakenfold) and decor that can only be described as a mixture of European chic (well, depending on what area of Europe you deem chic – I’m looking at you Paris!) and just downright adorable.

All in all it is a blend of exclusivity, entertainment and attentive service, and it’s the perfect way of saluting the great summer of 2012. Contact Majestery to find out about Beach House membership options and discounts, and how we can help you bypass the iron clad guest list that so many have failed to bull through.

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