Back to the Future with Indianapolis’ Children’s Museum


When families travel, one of the hardest challenges facing parents is keeping their kids entertained and finding appropriate attractions for a variety of ages. For these reasons, a good museum can be a real lifesaver, and in some cases, the very best can even be the cornerstone of an entire vacation. At 472,900 square feet with five floors of exhibits, the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis is the single largest children’s museum in the country and a major tourist attraction in its own right. In most cities its signature Dinosphere exhibit would be an entire museum unto itself, but this is just one of many major exhibitions. Dinosphere contains a working paleontology lab, hands-on simulated fossil “digs,” several life-size simulated dinosaurs, and one of the largest collections of real fossils and dinosaur art in the nation. Families could easily spend two days exploring this Indianapolis behemoth, frequently raked the best children’s museum in the United States. The museum is open from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm. Special rates apply to Majestery members. 

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