Picasso and his Women


“Women are machines for suffering,” Picasso once told his mistress Francoise Gilot. “For me there are only two kinds of women, goddesses and doormats”. Of the seven most important women in his life, two killed themselves and two fell into madness.

Let’s talk about one man who, for him, love was something that was both beautiful and tragic, and through the medium of art he was able to show the world the explosive nature of its beauty.

Pablo Picasso was not a simple man. He had many women in his life that he each professed his love for with raw emphasis, however he loved women so much that it was difficult for him to keep his fidelity in check. He used women as a catalyst for his art, and through images of extreme tenderness Picasso disfigured and deconstructed his lovers to produce haunting paintings of the female form. From February 15th to July 15th you can view some of these extraordinary images in the Tate Modern, London as part of the exhibition ‘Picasso and Modern British Art’. For those who cannot afford an original Picasso piece (A portrait from his Blue Period went on auction two years ago for $40M), the online company VandM is giving away limited edition prints of some of his best work for a price of $450. Go online at or call your personal concierge to enquire on the best deal or arrange the delivery of a print to that special someone.

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