Coming this summer to Manhattan: critically acclaimed Brooklyn Fare


Cesar Ramirez has the ultimate success story. Opening to little buzz nearly three years ago, Brooklyn Fare has turned into one of New York’s premiere destination restaurants, receiving three stars from both the New York Times and Michelin. Reservations for the restaurant are almost impossible to come by, with booking weeks in advance becoming mandatory in order to get a table (unless you’re a Majestery member of course!).

The critical acclaim and popularity of Mr. Ramirez’s establishment has led to the opening of a new version on 39th Street between 9th and 10th avenues in Manhattan. Just like its Brooklyn brother, this new location will feature a chef’s table, offering a fine dining-style menu. The space will only seat about ten guests and serves to focus the utmost attention on these guests, as well as accelerate the exclusivity that already surrounds the popular restaurant/gourmet grocery store.

The restaurant is due to open in June/July 2012 with the original Brooklyn Fare still holding the fort on the other side of the water. While most of the space will be occupied by the grocery store the restaurant will hold sixty seats, and will work on a strictly no reservations policy. 

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