Waiting for the Easter Bunny


Make the most out of celebrating this holiday weekend with these quirky treats and decorations that the whole family can enjoy making – from birds nest sweeties to easter egg trees, these ideas will truly welcome Springtime into your home, and brighten up what is already meant to be a spectacular weekend.


The simplest of ideas make all the difference to the dinner table – pink bows around egg cups, strawberry milk in old fashioned milk bottles, a small toy bunny for the little ones to play with.


At Majestery we call this the ‘bunny bait’ – popcorn, vanilla candy coating, M&M’s & pretzels. What Easter Bunny could resist?


This is one of our lifestyle concierges favorite recipes – coconut macaroons injected with nutella in the middle and a few Cadbury mini eggs nestled in for good measure. Finish off with a glass of milk and enjoy!

For those for who are not so craft oriented the established Ai Fiori restaurant on Fifth Avenue is open for Easter brunch this Sunday from 1PM – 7PM with a rack of lamb, lobster and regal ravioli all on the menu. Contact your concierge today at 877-437-0696 to make a reservation, and have a great weekend from the whole team at Majestery! 

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