La Esquina Brasserie, The Studio 54 of Mexican Food


You’ve heard about this place right? The hidden Mexican restaurant that warrants a velvet rope and daunting bouncer (complete with a walkie-talkie and a clipboard), and which fills VIP’s and celebrities with niceties such as ‘Cangrejo Tostada’, consisting of cool crab meat in a spicy mango mayo, and veal tongue tacos, finished with a mouthwatering avocado cream. Doesn’t this sound like the type of place you want to experience, somewhere that you could bring your friends or clients on a Thursday evening to truly impress them and their appetite? Unfortunately the intimidating bouncer is not just for show, as La Esquina Brasserie will not open its doors for anybody – they won’t even answer their phone to allow you to make a reservation. Just like Studio 54, you either need to know someone in the industry, or be a smooth talker with a good smile to get into this place.

Or, you can call your personal concierge at Majestery, and within the hour they will have secured you a table at one of the most exclusive restaurants in New York City. Now all you have to do is follow your concierge’s instructions, as this is no ordinary restaurant set up. The instructions will go something like this:

Trot up to the corner of Kenmare and Cleveland Street in Soho and stop at the dingy Mexican diner La Esquina. Yes that’s the one – the one with the neon lights, the graffiti, and the take out sign missing its L’s and A’s. Trust us. Walk in and approach the sullen waitress – try not to look perplexed. Tell her you have a reservation.  She will point to a besmirched door that says ‘Employees Only’, where you will find the bouncer, clipboard in hand. He commands you down the stairs, through the kitchen and down a corridor, until you enter a subterranean layer with earthy, Latin tones and unforgettable décor.  Now all you have to do is sit, choose your favored tequila off the 120-strong list and prepare yourself for the best Mexican food in the city. Enjoy, courtesy of Majestery.

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