Kids in Paris


At Majestery our number one priority is to make sure any experience you have encompasses the height of luxury, the convenience of comfort, and the complete lack of stress. When you are catering for a big family however, you may think that these three factors are impossible to achieve, but our world-class concierges know the best places and activities for the whole family to enjoy. This week, we take a look at the best options available in Paris.

We don’t want our members to sacrifice luxury, design and style for the practicalities needed when traveling with children, which is why Le Meurice Hotel is the perfect balance. The five star rooms are spacious and soundproof, and the Family Package includes connecting rooms, a treasure hunt, a cuddly stuffed dog, and boats to sail in the adjacent Tuileries. On top of this Majestery members will avail of special privileges and discounts.

Paris’s personality is colored with love, art and delicious delicacies. A creative edge is seen on the most mundane of things, from a street lamp to a park bench to a slice of cake.  Immerse you and the kids in this vibrancy by participating in one of the imaginative exhibitions in the Galerie des Enfants at the Centre Pompidou. The ‘Transformations’ exhibit, running until May 15, teaches 5-12 year olds about the body and dance, and engages them in performance art in a way that the average trip around a museum or show couldn’t. For those who are more domestically suited, the renowned Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse teaches 7-12 year olds how to make delectable specialities such as chocolate mousse and crème brulee.

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