A Different Kind of Bootcamp


My first thoughts when I read ‘Bikini Bootcamp’ – a drill sergeant, screaming for ten more pushups, me gasping for breath before I collapse in exhaustion. I’m thinking obstacle courses, rabbit food, and limp bunk beds. I’m skeptical, and it is clear that I have possibly seen too many army movies. Oh how wrong I was. The Amansala Bikini Bootcamp, it turns out, is an enchanting Mexican eco-resort and spa situated on the beautiful, remote beach of Tulum, Mexico, and reminds me more of Eat, Pray, Love than Full Metal Jacket.

This Bootcamp is not just about losing weight and toning up; it is about reflecting, taking a break from everyday life, replenishing your energy, and focusing on your own well being. The resort not only concentrates on exercise, but emphasizes the importance of relaxing, yoga and meditation. The low-fat meals are surprisingly delicious (freshly caught fish and locally sourced fruit) and on top of all of this you get to explore the local area through a series of inspiring cultural activities, like a visit to the Mayan Ruins. Massages and Margaritas are also included in the price (one of my personal favorite activities!).

So let me break this down – sun, white sand, blue sea, hammocks, yoga, meditation, cocktails, beautiful food, fitness, new friends, attentive staff, relaxation, pure unadulterated luxury. How much more persuasion does one need?

Amansala’s Bikini Bootcamp offers a six night package, and through Majestery we will make sure to get you the best deal possible. Majestery – assisting you finding the best and most unique experiences possible. 

One comment on “A Different Kind of Bootcamp

  1. Angela
    March 22, 2012

    Sounds like heaven!

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