“And One More Thing…”


“The late, great Steve Jobs is such a massively iconic figure in contemporary American history that any undertaking to narrate his life and accomplishments can’t be easy. But Walter Isaacson’s new authorized biography succeeds by creating a portrait of the man through first-hand reports. He interviewed Jobs himself over 40 times during two years, as well as myriad family members, personal relations, and business associates (friends and foes) to whom he was given unfettered access. The book does an incredible job of cataloguing the inception of each new product in the Apple arsenal, from tech critique to the often outlandish launches and advertising campaigns. We’re offered an intimate account of the legacy of a man who confounded and amazed, and one who forever altered the landscape of technology and our shared culture. Hear more about it at this special event with the author (who’s written biographies on Einstein and Benjamin Franklin), presented by Books & Books, at Temple Judea.”

(Text by Casey Zap at

Contact Majestery to find out more about this event and how we can help you purchase tickets.

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