The Best Burger in Town


We know the best burgers in America are secret. In-n-Out in San Francisco has a menu that even the employees try and keep under wraps, and the infamous Shake Shack in New York is the home to a secret sauce that countless foodies have tried (and failed) to recreate.

The Burger Joint in the elegant upscale Le Parker Meridien hotel however takes secrecy to a whole new level, and finding the actual joint is like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Sequestered behind floor-to-ceiling curtains down the corridor from the lobby, the casual eatery boasts movie poster covered walls, vinyl booths and a direct no-fuss menu that includes the best burger in the city. We recommend the cheeseburger with the works, and don’t even think about skipping out of here without dessert – the brownies are huge, decadent and moist, while the vanilla milkshake is thick and sweet, without being too sugary. So before you even think of heading to McDonald’s for that burger fix take the N, Q, R or W to 57th street any time before midnight and join other food adventurers in their quest to find the best burger in town.

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