Are You Not Entertained?


It goes without saying that if you are visiting Rome, you are visiting the Coliseum. The epicenter of what is one of the most culturally steeped cities in the world, the ruins of the Forum recant tales of brave gladiators fighting to the death against wild animals and bloodthirsty killers, as the crowd roar for their blood or for their victory. What better way to really immerse in the ancient history if not to become a gladiator yourself?

At the Rome Cavalieri hotel instructors from the city’s Gladiatorial School will coach guests in ancient combat techniques, as well as telling tales of the life and times of famous gladiators. Open to all guests over the age of seven, the course is a wonderful mix of sport and culture, and includes a gladiator kit containing a traditional tunic, Roman sandals, belt, protective gloves, and wooden training sword a la Game of Thrones style. At the end of the training session participants are presented with a medal, declaring them a first level gladiator. Contact us for more details on this unique experience for the whole family. 

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