The Creativity of the Operatic Heart


The Bregenz Festival, which takes place in the capital of Bregenz, Austria during July and August is definitely for the bucket list, if not for the captivating performances of the operetta then at least for the breathtaking stage design created by artistic director David Pountney.

Anyone who has any appreciation for artistic beauty will be blown away by Seebühne, the Bregenzer Festspielen’s extravagant opera production which takes place on a floating stage on the shores of Lake Constance. Recent productions have included Aida by Giuseppe Verdi in 2009 & 2010; Tosca by Giacomo Puccini in 2007-2008 and West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein in 2003-2004. The popularity of the opera on the Lake Tosca was heightened even further after being used in the filming of the James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, with director Marc Forster taken aback by the unique location, the imposing stage set, and by the modern architecture of the Festspielhaus. In the film the floating stage is featured as Bond discovers his adversary for the first time during a performance of Tosca.

The performances are usually sold out far in advance as people from all over the world travel to be a part of an otherworldly experience. Our European travel specialists will not only arrange tickets for you, but also create an itinerary that will take you to the most captivating parts of the city itself. For the most undulating experience contact Majestery today for membership options at

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