The Holy Grail of Nouveau Cuisine


elBulli, one of the world’s most famous and influential restaurants, served its last meal on July 30th, 2011. The piece of history, located near the town of Roses in the Catalonia region of Spain, has produced some of the world’s best chefs since it’s opening 25 years prior, including Rene Redzepi, Joan Roca and Grant Achatz.

The mentor to these men was renowned chef Ferran Adria, who served as the imagination behind the small restaurant’s haute cuisine for most of its tenure. In an effort to recreate the sense of evangelist techniques and culinary creativity that flowed through the kitchen workings over the years Adria decided it was time to close what the world knew as one of the finest nouvelle cuisine establishments to date, and in 2014 open a creative center that would focus on a new form of artistic expression.

For those who never got the opportunity to be a part of dining history at elBulli (although those of Majestery’s existing members who requested a reservation received the pleasure of skipping the two year waiting list, thanks to our unreachable resources!) do not worry. Ana, one of our travel concierges who is our eyes and ears when it comes to the freshest experiences available in the beautiful nooks of Spain, is adamant that San Sebastian will quench your thirst for cuisine that rivals elBulli. In particular she recommends Elkano, a seafood restaurant run by a father and son duo, and one that is marveled by foodies from all over the world. For something to quench your thirst afterwards, head down to Museo del Whisky, where movie stars are found to retire late at night with the bar’s famed gin and tonic in hand.

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