Breathe Easy, You Just Found Paradise


We need another word for paradise. The word is jaded, overused – clichéd to the best of its ability. And this is why it pains me that I cannot grasp any other word that better describes West Bali’s Alila Villas Uluwatu. It proves impossible. So I’m just going to say it. Here it comes. This place is paradise.

The sense of luxury you experience at these eco-friendly and beautifully designed villas, situated at the peak of a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, is unparallel to any other resort on this side of the world. Although there are 54 villas in total, your personal space – complete with private pool, decking and indoor and outdoor showering – is so vast, and your stay is so exclusively personalized, you will feel as if you are the master of your own secluded abode.

Your personal concierge team will work with the villas’ personal butlers and in-house staff to customize every detail of your stay – from your food likes, dislikes and allergies, to the type of music you want in your bedroom, to specific spa treatments catered to your personal preferences and health demands. I repeat, this will not feel like a stay at a resort – rather think of it as a stay with an old friend, one who knows you inside and out, who understands your needs better than they understand their own. 

The goal of Alila Villas Uluwatu and Majestery is for you to not want for anything for the duration of your time here, because everything you wanted, you already received. 

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