A Country Spring Fair in London


It seems that I am not the only one that has fallen in love with the new virtual pinboard site, Pinterest – far from it in fact, as it overtakes both Facebook and Twitter in terms of online traffic. I have always thought that there was something so complete in viewing solitary visuals, be it in an art gallery, a photography exhibition or a bookshop, and with Pinterest this remains true – there is a sort of calming ritual in scrolling down through pages, glancing over pictures and simply highlighting ones that catch your attention. I unknowingly can spend hours trawling through different keywords to find such charming boards, and like an online thrift store I hunt for the ultimate inspiration, one that will motivate me to go out into the real world and create something that will resolve in as much beauty as that one virtual pin.

The Country Living Spring Fair is like a real life Pinterest board, a celebration of art and design where you will find an infinite amount of ideas for decorating your home, inspiration for the garden, and wonderful food and drink to fuel your day.  The fair takes place on the 21-25th of March and features 400 independent designers, small producers and craftspeople from across the British Isles, as well as entertaining talks and demonstrations by popular experts, creating the perfect opportunity to learn about different crafts.

With the fair located in the fashionable burrough of Islington, London it would be rude not to step into Duke of Cambridge afterwards, a gastropub that is also a pioneer for all things green and ethical. The restaurant has an open-door policy to children and dogs, creating a much more relaxing atmosphere than expected, and draught ales from artisan breweries such as Freedom and Pitfield mingle delightfully with locally sourced plates such as pork belly stew and smaller plates of warm chorizo and homemade hummus.

Join Majestery today and allow one of our travel concierges to plan this whole event around you, your preferences and our recommendations, from travel arrangements to Spring Fair tickets to dinner reservations and bar commendations. Ben, one of our travel concierges originally from the great city of London is passionate about creating experiences that verge away from tired landmarks and allow our members to delve into the true character of this beautiful destination.

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