Under The Sea


It is obvious that there is tranquility in diving – well, unless you’re like me and find the thought of a cumbersome weight resting on your back to be more of a fearful experience rather than a peaceful one, resulting in lots of splashy splashy motions and dramatic quests for breath. If you are one of the more patient, less theatrical attempters at scuba diving however you will smugly float around, flapping those artificial fins of yours and finding delight in thousands of shockingly bright fish flustering around your being.

For the more experienced who might be yearning for a new adventure under the sea, like say, an underwater art gallery perhaps, you are in luck. In 2009 the Vandenberg, an old military ship, was sunk by a group of investors to become the largest artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico. Andreas Frankes, an artist who thought the reef could benefit from something more original than marine plants and animals, decided to exhibit twelve images of everyday life from past times on to the hulk of the shipwreck. Frankes himself describes the project as a dreamworld, “where you can get lost or you can identify with.”

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2 comments on “Under The Sea

  1. kath flores
    March 1, 2012

    This is one lovely photo 🙂

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