The Real Life Babysitters Club


You are ready for the weekend. The workload on your desk seems to be getting suspiciously bigger, those weeds in the garden are getting too confident, and three little rascals are waiting at home to be fed, bathed and entertained – but you are ready. You and your significant other are hitting the tiles, drinking some wine, savoring some flavors at your favorite Italian this Saturday.

There is just one problem – the case of the babysitter.

Although you know there is probably an abundance of potential candidates out there, for some reason they are impossible to find – maybe they reside in a mystical world invisible to others, maybe they are but a myth, or maybe you just don’t have the right resources to find the perfect contender. We know you don’t have time for the stress of a certified babysitter search, which is why we provide the most wonderful, trustworthy sitters in the business from a wealth of locations around the globe. We understand completely that your standards for someone taking care of your children are extremely high, and we have compiled a database that matches your expectations.

Our babysitters are bright, energetic, responsible and fun, and frequently go beyond their call of duty to act as a tutor, cook or cleaner for your family. Trust your Majestery concierge to help you find the perfect babysitter. We will listen to your hopes and fears, as well as your children’s needs, and compile a select amount of talented, experienced and available helpers that we know would be the ideal fit for your family.

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